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Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Editor’s Rating — Great For: Cash back rewards and low intro rates.

  • Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • No rotating categories and no sign ups needed to earn cash rewards
  • Redeem the cash back you earn for any amount, any time
  • No limit to the cash back you can earn
  • Your cash back doesn’t expire
  • 0% intro APR on purchases until May 2015
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time
  • Fraud Coverage if your card is ever lost or stolen

Credit Needed: Fair

Average Approved Score: 618*

Lowest Approved Score: 563*

Intro APR, Purchases Intro Term, Purchases Intro APR, Balance Transfers Intro Term, Balance Transfers Regular APR Annual Fee
0%until May 2015 N/AN/A 22.9%* Variable $39

Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card Reviews

4.0/5 (Average rating from 1308 total reviews.)

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I am so happy with this card so far after only one month of having it. I put in the time to educate myself about credit cards to avoid past mistakes. My score jumped 23 points after the first month. I can't complain about that. Thanks Capital One!

Reviewed by: ProceedingWithCaution


i am going to make this short and sweet. Capital one is an awesome card for people like me who had messed their credit up. they started me off on a credit "steps" program with 300 dollars. I had past due credit cards everywhere...I was shocked that I got that much. needless to say i paid multiple times a month to make sure to keep the card under 30 percent. In january they raised it to 1800 dollars. now tonight after doing the same thing...paying it multipe times a month and keeping it at 30% or less debt to income ratio...they raised it to 4800.00. I'm so happy... i had cards up to 15-20k and ruined my credit back in 2008-09 and this quickly I have regained right at 5K. it does have a 19 dollar a year fee but I've made 156.00 to date in cash back so its covered. I had to post...hope this helps and encourages!

ps. dont get discouraged on asking for credit line increases...they will come. they gave me the 2nd one without asking. this last one tonight was encouraged after speaking with customer service and waiting to my 1 yr.anniversary....thanks capital one!!!

Reviewed by: Anonymous


Here is my story...In Aug 2013, my EQ was about a 348, TU low 400's, EXP, High 400's. I got all negative collection items removed off my credit report. I paid off an old First Premier Mastercard from 2008 and they issued my the Emblem Mastercard $175 CL. A month later I got a new First Premier Gold Mastercard with $300 CL. I also got an Auto loan for my G35 and I I have been perfect on all payments since getting these new accounts between Aug-Sept 2013.

My CK score is currently 630. However, my real scores are Exp 721, EQ 648 and TU 676 after roughly 10 months of on time payments and low utilization with my 2 cards and auto loan.

Cap One sent me a Pre-Approval in the mail for the Platinum card. I was skeptical. So I went online and they Approved me for a $2,000 CL on the Platinum. That was June 18, 2014. Got the card in about 5-7 days. I was happy!!!

Since then, I was pre-approved for a Credit One Platinum Visa with only a $300 CL, Kohls $300 CL, Target $300 CL, Fingerhut $400 CL, Macys $1000 CL, Buckle $250 CL, Express NEXT $250 CL, JCrew $250 CL & Abercrombie $250 CL.  Still waiting on Discover It (had to upload driver license and SS card for ID Verification).

Update: I had to wait 30 days from date of application to apply for a new card, but on Jule 19, 2014, CK matched me to the Capital One Quicksolver One card with "Very Good" Approval odds. So I applied. I received an instant approval for another $2,000 CL. Also, I had another Cap One Pre-Approval in the mail for a Platinum card but I thought it was the same card I had. Nope!! Went online, entered the Pre-Approval # and got another instant approval for $1,000 CL on the Classic Platinum card. So, thats 3 cards through Cap One...Cap One Platinum $2,000 CL, Cap One QuickSilver One $2,000 CL and Cap One Classic Platinum $1,000.

Overall, Capital One is very generoues with there CL's for people with Average & Rebuilding credit. Thumbs Up!

Reviewed by: kiddhollywood9


I am rebuilding credit and I have a credit one account for about a year.  I applied for this card and got approved $300.  Then I applied for the Platinum and got approved for it as well, $300 limit.  It takes a while to rebuild, but definitely worth it in the end.

Reviewed by: TheNullifier


I started CK in Feb 2014 and opended a Capitol One Platnium the same day.  Started at CK score 608.  5 months later I had a couple of new cards and a CK score 649.  I used and paid off the CO card every month.  Then I contacted CO and told them I had a card that was no annual fee and CB and I would close their Platnium card before the fee kicked in if I could not upgrade.

They immediately offered to upgrade to the Quicksilver One wich gave me 1.5% CB (up from 0%) but has a $39 annual fee.  When I balked at that they lowered the fee to $19 after none in the first year (same as the original card.)  I took that offer telling them I would seek an upgrade to a no fee card before the first year runs out.

So far I am happy with this card.  Everything is the same except I now get the CB.

Reviewed by: photopoet


I was approved back in January 2014 with an initial credit limit of 500.  Since that time my score went from a CK score of 635 to a Fico score of 691 with the help of a Barclays card  I was approved for in Feburary 2014.  I applied for the discover IT card today and instant approval for 1000, they pulled from EQ and I live in PA.  To my surprise Capital ONe increased my limit to 1500 yesterday as I was apart of the credit steps program.  I can now say I have good credit.  I hope to be above 700s by the end of this year.

Reviewed by: michael4659


Was surprised that I got approved. Like sooooo many others I distroyed my credit in my 20's and early 30's. Discharge letter in April 2014 approved for CO platinum card in May 500 cl. Was really surprised since CO was listed on my BR. Applied for QS in July and wow was instantly approve for $2000. Thanks CO for giving me a chance. Will update latter after cli. 

Reviewed by: Alleyesonme72


originally approved for Cap One Platinum 9/13 after four months received 200. cli per credit steps called ask to change card to Cap One Quicksilver they said no problem. Went online to check balance as my 19 year old son has been using this card as i added him as user , unexpected cli of 1,500. to total of 2,000 almost had a stroke!!!! Very Hppy

Reviewed by: dizzcouraged


With a 592 six months ago, I was sure I would get turned down for this card, like every other I had been. I was granted a $500 limit and have earned over $20 in cash back even though I don't use it terribly offten. 

Reviewed by: clarehegg


Leaving this review so others will now the situation under which I was approved.  Received a $300 limit with a TU NewScore of 655.  No negative accounts.  6 hard inquiries.  Auto loan and three retail cards.  This is my first true credit card in 15 years.  I was not auto-approved, but did receive my approval letter in about 5 days via mail.  Had to call in to give them a physical address to go with my P.O. box.  The application proces warns that this might happen with PO boxes, but I had no choice.  Rural area with no home delivery.  Called in Friday morning.  Card was in my box Monday morning.  Will update review after 6mo. to detal how the CL increase goes.  Very happy so far.

Reviewed by: CreditSchmuck

* This information is provided through a relationship with CreditKarma.com. Credit Karma members have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. Please note that because other factors may affect credit card approval, these approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.

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