Capital One® QuicksilverOneSM Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Editor’s Rating — Great For: Cash back rewards and low intro rates.

  • Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • No rotating categories and no sign ups needed to earn cash rewards
  • Redeem the cash back you earn for any amount, any time
  • No limit to the cash back you can earn
  • Your cash back doesn't expire
  • 0% intro APR on purchases until January 2015
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time
  • Fraud coverage if your card is ever lost or stolen

Credit Needed: Fair

Average Approved Score: 618*

Lowest Approved Score: 563*

Intro APR, Purchases Intro Term, Purchases Intro APR, Balance Transfers Intro Term, Balance Transfers Regular APR Annual Fee
0%until January 2015 N/AN/A 22.9%* Variable $39

Capital One® QuicksilverOneSM Cash Rewards Credit Card Reviews

3.9/5 (Average rating from 1688 total reviews.)

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ty very much capital one with my 3rd card and will be applying for my  auto loan from u aswell

Reviewed by: seethinghate


We'll everybody, I'm now 27 years old. When I was 22, I had great credit. Discover Card with a credit limit of 4k, Capital One with 1.5k, and a Sam's Club Card with 1.5k. Then came a point where I for some reason stopped caring. My debt built up to an insurmountable limit, so much so I couldn't afford anything over rent in a given month with my job at the time. I didn't know anything about credit, so I let my Capital One card go to collections because I couldn't afford it. All my student loans hovered around 90 days late. And one student loan went to collections (15k worth). I panicked, thinking that credit cards were now the devil, borrowed money from a friend, paid off my two current cards (almost 6k worth at that time), and closed them out (what an idiot I was, now knowing you should never close out a credit card). I had to give my truck back to the bank because I couldn't afford the loan (listed as a voluntary surrender), and saw my once 780 credit score plunge to 500. 

Wow can financial debt be depressing. Finally, I decided to do something about it, after learning the financial world in the hardest lesson possible. I paid off my collection of Capital One, entered into a program for the student loan collection (pay a large monthly payment for one year without being late, and it would go back to a student loan), and got an unsecured loan for the leftover 3k that the bank had  from selling my truck lower than what my loan was worth, and paid off 4 other collection accounts. This all occurred over 2 years, up until February 2014. Now I only have student loans and that one unsecured loan left. Credit score went from 500 to 581. I knew I needed a credit card, and wanted to try my luck with an unsecured card before bowing to a secured card...

Unbelievably, Capital One approved me for a Quicksilver One card with 500 limit. Remember, I let my old Capital One account go to colections 5 years ago. A 2nd chance from a credit lender?! Say what you want about Capital One, but they gave me another chance, when no one else probably would have. I now have a good paying job, and will be looking to buy a car by the end of the year. Thank you Capital One, I will forever remember this.

Reviewed by: StillAmShocked09


Thank you capitalone for trusting me and helping me rebuild my credit.

I've had a Capital One Secured CC for ~10 months.

~1000 in collections.
~public record from 2010

~16 hard inquries from a car dealership that I have my current car loan from :/ 

I was reading through the reviews of this CC, and thought, meh why not try it.

I was extremely suprised when it popped up saying "Your approved!"

Hopefully they will do decent CL increases over  time with this card unlike their other cards.

Reviewed by: coldfront1


I don't know my real credit score but credit karma has me at 614. I previously had a credit card when I was 18 with capital one, lost my job and didn't pay so it went to collections in 2009. So I was really surprised I got approved and for a $1000 limit. It could have to do with my monthly income as well but I'm hoping to raise my credit score even more. I really like the 0% apr until dec 2014 too.

Reviewed by: rizzio191


decided to apply for this card 5 months ago as it was close to Christmas and could use a little extra, got approved for a limit of $300.  Which with my credit i was happy with.  Made 4-6 payments a month as $300 doesn't go far and got an email today from Cap one saying congrats your limit has been increased to $3,300.  Now i can actually use this to its full potential and get as much back on the 1.5% as possible as i like to pay off the balance every month.

Reviewed by: diveman05


Bear with me here, this is my first review on CK.

I have been working hard to rebuild my credit - as of October 2012, I was around 515. I had a lot of items in collection from my college years, and instead of paying them all off, I let them get closed. Then I waited for about 7 years for items to drop off. Yep, I haven't had good credit since I was 19-20 years old (I'm 38). 

In September of 2012, I was able to purchase a car on my own with no co-signer (2011 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback), and have never missed a payment. Additionally, I had an old First Premier Mastercard which was bought out by Capital One, and for the past few years, I had never missed a payment. I don't know if this made a difference or not, but my auto loan was through Capital One Auto Finance.

My First Premier (now Capital One Platinum) recently had a CL increase of $1000 - making the total available credit $1320 (that was out of the blue, btw, I didn't ask for it - but I had recently paid it off to under 20% utilization).

So CK recommended this card and said my chances of getting it were "Good" - so one day, while at work, I figured, "why not?" and applied for it.

Instantly approved for $3000. I haven't thought about asking for an increase right off the bat, but plan on using the card as my daily card and paying it off 80% every month to keep the 20% utilization.

I'm excited - and my due diligence about keeping my credit clean has paid off!

Reviewed by: ejon154


I just got my card like a week and a half ago and I've noticed it hasn't been reported on my credit yet. I had another credit card with my credit union I work for and it showed up I want to say a few days of me being approved. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks.

Reviewed by: Kittypage1


I am in process of credit rebuild....started off with Cap One Plat. card, made all payments on time, they increased balance, continued on "GOOD CREDIT AVE."...about a year 1/2 later I applied for this card (About 8 mos ago)...they gave me a $1000 CL....continued to use card....made payments on both and continued to be a good customer....They just increased my CL on this card to $3000....overall very impressed and the 0% intrest until dec. is very attractive...hopefully by then I can apply for a lower intrest card and not worry about the 22.9%....

Good Luck everyone

Reviewed by: jeepguy07


Had a CH-13 Bankruptcy discharged in March 2013 (after 5yrs).  I applied for a Capital One secured the day I got my discharge papers.  I was denied at first, since the bankruptcy discharge didn't appear on my credit report. I submitted my discharge letter and they approved me for $250 with $49 deposit.  I deposited $300 to get me to $500.  Three months later I put in another $250 to increase the balance to $750.  Another three months and they increased my secured $100.  I put in another $150 to make it $1,000.  I applied for an Auto loan in December and was approved (to my surprise w/ a very good rate).  I put an additional $500 on the secured card this March to give me $1,500.  I applied for the Quicksilver card last week and was instantly approved for $3,000.  My CK score is 630.  I'm still impressed with Capital One.

There is life after BK.

Reviewed by: jrdjh


I was very shocked that I was approved for this card 602 score -no history with credit cards before, first opportunity given. $300 limit. I do have a credit builder CC with the Credit Union I work for and the limit is $500 and after 3months of good payment history my limit will go up $100 each month with a max of $2500 limit.Next month is when my limit starts it's first increase.

I did speak with a Representative at Capital One and found out my account was in the Credit Steps Program which I'm not surprised about considering my credit score. However, since I know my credit limit with my Credit Union CC will be around $900-1K by the time I am eligible for the $200 CLI at Capital One. I am afraid of having my Capital One limit staying so low when I know my other card will gradually grow every month. Any tips on how I achieve a higher CLI than $200? thanks!

Reviewed by: Kittypage1

* Credit Karma users have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. These approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.

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