Applying for Credit Cards Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Arrive Financial has put together a list of commonly-asked questions regarding shopping and applying for credit cards online. We hope you find the information useful in your credit card search. If you have a question we haven’t yet answered, please send us an email and we will look into it for you!

Q. Is the information on my online credit card application secure?
A. Yes. Each of Arrive Financial’s financial institution partners provides 100% secure credit card applications. Once you arrive at an application, no third parties can see your personal information, just you and, once you submit your application, the credit card company.

Q. What information do I need to complete an online credit card application?
A. For most online credit card application you will need to provide your name, social security number, date of birth, address, phone number, annual income and employer. Some creditors may ask for a previous address or employer if you have been at either for less than a year.

Q. Will I be approved for the credit card I want?
A. That depends on your creditworthiness. Each credit card company has different credit score requirements for approvals. These requirements typically involve your credit history, annual income and, sometimes, your length of employment. Most cards accept cardholders with a wide variety of credit scores, although they will adjust your credit line and interest rate accordingly.

Q. Why was I denied the credit card I wanted?
A. Nine times out of ten, it was for one of the following reasons: You had insufficient credit history, you didn’t meet the credit requirements due to late payments or charge-offs in the past, you currently have too much debt, or your annual income does not meet the credit card’s requirements. You can get a better sense of the reasons you may have been rejected by getting a free copy of your credit report.

Q. Can I apply for a credit card on my phone?
A. Yes! You can apply for credit cards via mobile phone.

Q. Can I apply for more than one card at once?
A. You can apply for more than one card from different issuers (i.e., one from Chase and one from American Express) at the same time and possibly be approved for both. However, doing this may decrease your credit score. If you are uncertain which cards will approve you or want to get a card with the best terms, it is better to apply for more than one at the same time rather than wait. If, however, you plan to buy a house or car in the next two years, be careful of applying for more credit cards or loans than you need.

Q. When will I find out if I have been approved?
A. You may find out within one minute if you are approved for a credit card you apply for online. Often times, however, an account specialist will need to review your application, and you will receive a response in the mail within a week. Some credit cards will provide an 800 number for you to call after 12 hours to inquire about the status of your application.

Q. When will I receive my credit card?
A. Credit cards typically come in the mail pretty quickly, and almost always between one and two weeks.

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